JungleDrums: Ep 56 – Nvidia Cannot Meet Demand

    This Week on JungleDrums:

    Your JungleDrums host, AcuteJungle66, delves into this week’s latest tech and gaming news. Nvidia cannot meet the demand for their GPUs, No Man’s Sky heading to Xbox, Destiny 2 receives an update, and more!

    • If you have been keeping up to date with the current trends in regards to PC Hardware, then you already know that prices are considerably inflated due to several factors within the market; and of course thanks to the Cryptocurrency miners. What was just revealed this past week however, adds another factor into the mix. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has stated:

    The video supply chain is working really hard, and you know all of our partners are working around the clock. We’ve got to come closer to the demand of the market. And right now, we’re not anywhere near close to that and so we’re just going to have to keep running.


    • No Man’s Sky had a troublesome launch to the say the least. With that said, I personally enjoyed the game for what it was, but agree that what we got was not necessarily what we thought it would be. Last August the Atlas Rises update was released, which was certainly a step in the right direction and added some nice new features. Well as it turns out, Hello Games has even more planned with the NEXT update (yep, that is what it is called) as well as announcing that No Man’s Sky will be coming to the Xbox One; featuring 4K and HDR support for X owners.


    • 4K displays are often viewed as the epitome of gaming displays, or at least most marketing departments want you to believe that. If you do not have the latest and greatest video card(s, because you’ll need 2 in SLI for high frame rates if we are completely honest), then chances are you may be interested in the 1440p (or 2K) offerings. I came across this review for the BenQ EX3501R, it caught my eye due to the title proclaiming it was ‘almost the perfect gaming monitor for Far Cry 5’. The specs on this 35″, 21:9, 1440p with HDR, monitor look fairly impressive; and of course it is curved, because that is all the rage.


    • It has been ages since we discussed anything Destiny 2 related, because frankly nothing of note has been happening with the game. Fans have been patiently awaiting some sort of update to reinvigorate their passion for the looter-shooter from Bungie. Update 1.1.4 just went live this week, and it brought with it some considerable changes. But does the ‘Go Fast’ update have enough to bring players back to the game?

    • In a previous episode, I briefly mentioned the achievements of Ninja on Twitch, referencing of course the exposure the platform received after playing Fortnite with Drake. After weeks of making headlines of a positive nature, he unfortunately made headlines of a different kind this week. During a stream, he put on Logic’s ’44 More’ as the accompanying music and started ad-libbing through the start of the song. Whether he was lost in the moment, or initially did not see the harm, he let the N-word slip out in front of thousands of fans. The usual controversy and online debate has followed the incident, and Ninja has subsequently deeply apologised.


    About JungleDrums:

    JungleDrums is a weekly news show run by Scholarly Gamers’ Content Coordinator, AcuteJungle66. Topics discussed in the show focus heavily on gaming, highlights, streams, and tech, but will typically hover around hot-button topics of the week. Joining AcuteJungle66 are a rotating selection of guests, ranging from friends and those interested in the topic at hand, fellow Scholarly Gamers, or members of raiding parties from gaming staples of his such as Destiny 2, The Division, Rainbow Six Siege, or Monster Hunter: World.

    AcuteJungle66 has been dabbling with tech ever since he tried improving the tape deck of his Commodore 64 back in the '80s. Tech and Gaming have both been interests of his for several decades, he holds Masters of Science in Advanced Internetwork Engineering and a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Cyber Security and Networks from Glasgow Caledonian University. As a proud Military Veteran who spent much of his life on 3 different continents, he is quite content being back home in Scotland; where he enjoys a much 'quieter' life these days as a College Lecturer.


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