JungleDrums: Ep 55 – Sea of Thieves Sets Sail

    This Week on JungleDrums:

    Your JungleDrums host, AcuteJungle66, delves into this week’s latest tech and gaming news. Sea of Thieves launches, Monster Hunter: World update is live, DayZ and ARK: Survival Evolved details, and more!

    • Last week I discussed the Audeze Mobius gaming headphones, and I have spent some more time researching the company and their products. Fast forward a week and many of the ‘early-bird’ offers have been snapped up, but there are still plenty of bundles available on IndieGoGo that priced lower than the full retail price. I for one will certainly be grabbing a pair, and will most likely review them once I receive them in July.


    • Sea of Thieves launched this week and had somewhat of a rocky start. Day one issues are common for any title, and Rare quickly acknowledged the issues via social media. Opinions of the game are considerably divided, with many claiming the game is ‘unfinished’ or lacks an end-game. Sea of Thieves never claimed to be a game with deep progression or a meaningful story, it is a sandbox game plain and simple. The point of the experience is to #BeMorePirate and have fun whilst doing so, and on that front it delivers.


    • It should come as no surprise that I am a fan of Monster Hunter: World, and have been patiently awaiting the update which dropped earlier this week. The addition of Deviljho (and of course the armor and weapons crafted from his parts) adds some fresh content and makes for some interesting encounters. The new weapons that can be crafted offer significantly elevated attack values, and the armor’s perks are decent; although the lack of a set-bonus is a major disappointment.


    • Last month, Bohemia Interactive confirmed that DayZ would be launching on the Xbox One console this year. The PS4 version is also in development, but no details have been released as of yet. In regards to the Xbox version, it appears the game is targeting [email protected]/[email protected] on the X1X; with the team reporting they are seeing frame-rates in the mid to 50s within their early build. DayZ will hopefully manage to hit 30fps on the base console, but whether that will be at 1080p or 900p is yet to be confirmed.


    • ARK: Survival Evolved, the open-world survival game developed by Studio Wildcard, is going to be released on Nintendo Switch later this year. It appears it will include all of the content and features of the other versions, but naturally some compromises will have to be made. According to Ralph Egas (CEO of Abstraction Games, the studio handling development) states:

    ‘Switch is not as powerful as a PS4 or Xbox One. Everyone knows that. Having said that, the difference isn’t as big as the general perception would have you believe. In some locations you need to downsize a bit on the distance you’re able to view’.


    About JungleDrums:

    JungleDrums is a weekly news show run by Scholarly Gamers’ Content Coordinator, AcuteJungle66. Topics discussed in the show focus heavily on gaming, highlights, streams, and tech, but will typically hover around hot-button topics of the week. Joining AcuteJungle66 are a rotating selection of guests, ranging from friends and those interested in the topic at hand, fellow Scholarly Gamers, or members of raiding parties from gaming staples of his such as Destiny 2, The Division, Rainbow Six Siege, or Monster Hunter: World.

    AcuteJungle66 has been dabbling with tech ever since he tried improving the tape deck of his Commodore 64 back in the '80s. Tech and Gaming have both been interests of his for several decades, he holds Masters of Science in Advanced Internetwork Engineering and a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Cyber Security and Networks from Glasgow Caledonian University. As a proud Military Veteran who spent much of his life on 3 different continents, he is quite content being back home in Scotland; where he enjoys a much 'quieter' life these days as a College Lecturer.


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