Streaming Fundamentals: Safety and Security

    Streaming Fundamentals aims to provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge in order to help you stream.

    Whether you have just started to consider the idea of streaming or you have been doing it for quite some time, this series should be beneficial to you. Each individual episode covers a specific topic that will be tackled as objectively as possible, while striving to use a range of sources and factual references rather than just a singular opinion.

    Anyone can dive in and start broadcasting their antics, but the sheer number of streamers nowadays can make it harder for those who are just getting started to stand out from the crowd. Whilst Streaming Fundamentals cannot provide you with guaranteed success, the series aims to get you to think about streaming in a more deliberate manner than you may have done previously.


    Safety and Security Tips

    I came across a fantastic list of tips on Reddit – from a user by the name of superphrenic – about improving online safety. Here are some of the highlights:

    • Use a new email for your streaming brand
    • Do not use the same photograph in multiple places
    • Be careful when sharing stories featuring real-life events and places, it does not take a detective to put things together
    • Remove your information from free online databases such as the White Pages
    • Remove EXIF data from photographs (digital cameras embed technical metadata into image files)
    • Pick a different birthday to celebrate with your viewers and followers on social media (yes for real, your true birthday is one of the most valuable pieces of information that you should not divulge)


    As long as you use a bit of common-sense, and try to be careful how much information you divulge whilst streaming as well as on social media, hopefully you can keep yourself safe!


    Streaming Fundamentals: Episode 9

    Following on from Episode 8, this episode discusses safety and security in regards to streaming. As you become more ‘well known’, you also increase the likelihood of being targeted by people with malicious intentions.

    By no means should anyone live in constant fear, and it is easy to use extreme circumstances like the ‘swatting’ attacks that have occurred over the last few years. But for a streamer, this is not your only worry and you should be wary of how much personal information you divulge ‘over the internet’. Episode 9 covers some of the main aspects to consider, such as how much information you divulge over social media and just how easy it is to ‘track a person down’.

    I hope you enjoy watching this series, as I know I will enjoy recording it.

    AcuteJungle66 has been dabbling with tech ever since he tried improving the tape deck of his Commodore 64 back in the '80s. Tech and Gaming have both been interests of his for several decades, he holds Masters of Science in Advanced Internetwork Engineering and a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Cyber Security and Networks from Glasgow Caledonian University. As a proud Military Veteran who spent much of his life on 3 different continents, he is quite content being back home in Scotland; where he enjoys a much 'quieter' life these days as a College Lecturer.


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