Delayed: Scholarly Gamers’ In The Dark: Episode 3

    Welcome to In The Dark, a stream show following Scholarly Gamers MrCreteture and Cronos53 as they venture through the Dark Souls game series by FromSoftware.

    Each week, these two will test their mettle by digging into the lore, gameplay, and challenge this series has become famous for. Josh (MrCreteture) made his way through Bloodborne with the help of Steve (Cronos53) and decided to continue through the rest of the games as a blind playthrough (having never played them before), starting with the most controversial game of them all, Dark Souls II. Each episode will be broken up between two parts every week, showing most of the highlights and multiplayer sessions of the stream. If you’d like to see more, be sure to catch them live every Monday at 9:30 PM EST for the full 2 hour stream sessions.


    This week on In The Dark:

    Regrettably, technical issues have befouled our brave adventurers – stopping them dead in their tracks for a short while. Facing a processor burnout and a bit of lead time on the replacement, the recording of In The Dark: Episode 3 will be put on hold until everything is back up and running in tip-top shape. Worry not, though, for as soon as all of the proverbial ducks are back in a row, In The Dark will resume on its regular live schedule of Monday evenings, with Pt 1 and Pt 2 of the week’s episode airing on Tuesday and Thursday through the website.

    In the meanwhile, please accept our apologies for the interruption, and the two noble gents anxiously anticipate getting back in the saddle to continue exploring the depths that FromSoftware has to offer. We will still be airing our other regularly-scheduled weekly shows, so be sure to tune in to Scholarly Gamers every day for new content, live streams, and more!


    Live Streams:

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