The Escapists 2 PC Game Giveaway

    The Escapists 2 Giveaway!

    Tonight we’ll be giving away a copy of The Escapists 2 for PC at Matt Ferguson’s (ScholarlyGamer) Twitch Channel! Tune in between 7-10pm EST for your chance to win a digital game code!

    Be sure to tune in tonight to Matt Ferguson’s Twitch Channel for a stream of The Escapists 2 on Nintendo Switch and a digital game code giveaway for PC/Steam!  January 23, 2018, from 7-10pm EST

    The Escapists, as a franchise, is simple in premise, yet complex in its execution. The game places you into the daily routine of a prisoner with a singular end goal: escape, by any means possible. From the onset, one of the most important things to get a grasp on is the lay of the land, as it were; each prison has its own unique layout, personnel (staff, guards, and prisoners), and challenges to overcome.

    Since it had been over 6 months since delving into the first entry to the series, my mind’s eye was painting it as though it was very much akin to The Escapists 2. To really gain perspective on the changes, I had to load up the original to see just how different the visual style, UI, controls, and everything else compared directly against the newer title.

    Moving from the first to second title, is comparable to the jump between Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3, if not more stark. The visuals in Escapists 2 are a higher-resolution, to be sure, which lends for crisp, still-retro visuals that are much nicer to spend hours in front of. What left an even larger impact on me, however, was the user interface changes to crafting that took it away from Minecraft-ian ‘drag and drop and hope’ to a tabbed bundle of sheets that display all of the recipes in one location. If you have the intellect score and the components on-hand, recipes illuminate and present themselves for a one-button press to craft them. It’s a small quality-of-life fix, but for a game that requires so much crafting, the polish / redesign in this area is loads better.

    In playing a few levels of The Escapists 2, I got a great early impression on how the remainder of the game will shape up, and had a chance to explore the various refinements that the developers had made on the original formula that brought the cult-standing success that the game has received. There wasn’t a single moment where I wished to myself that some given feature were brought back from the original game, which should in itself speak volumes. Standing next to its predecessor(s), The Escapists 2 matches or improves upon every facet, and reinforced itself with some entirely new ones, like the inclusion of Co-op gaming (which, sadly, I didn’t get a chance to try out as I have a few friends who’d secured this title on other platforms).

    You can read our full review of The Escapists 2 here.

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