Error Machine Podcast 123 & 124 – Super Mario Odyssey

    An Error Machine double header! Golf Story is the topic of the day for Episode 123, with Super Mario Odyssey discussed in Episode 124


    Episode 123 – Golf Story

    For the three of you that are thinking “Wait, where was Episode 123?” Here you go…



    Yes, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted the latest Error Machine Podcast episodes, but I promise it’s not due to laziness. It’s a combination of a few things: working full-time, going back to college, doing my clinical courses at a hospital (aka part-time unpaid internship), my church responsibilities, and other pressing items. As you can probably ascertain, I’ve been just a little busy. Regardless, I do apologize for my lack of posting.

    Episode 123 isn’t without its high points, including me explaining why Golf Story did everything in its power to make me hate it, but it’s the most recent episode that I’m really excited to post here.


    Episode 124 – Super Mario Odyssey

    Not to sound like a broken record, but Super Mario Odyssey is pretty fantastic. That’s not exactly an original thought, but it is a very accurate one. Any negative thing I can say about Odyssey would be nothing but a nitpick, because in the 50 hours or so that I’ve put into the game, I can honestly say I’ve never found myself not having fun. It’s perfect for long stretches, or I can play it on my lunch break and find a quick 10 moons. It works in any situation. Also, I can’t get enough of that catchy new theme song.

    It’s not often that we take the time on the podcast to devote an entire episode to a newly released game, but much like we were earlier in the year with Breath of the Wild, my co-host Luke and I are completely enamored with the game and felt the need to talk about it in depth. Consider it a retrospective on an instant classic.

    We talk about our favorite kingdoms (mine being Tostarena and the Seaside Kingdom), our favorite new characters, the best capture abilities, the best costumes and where they can be found in the Mario pantheon, and everything in between.

    It should probably go without saying, but there are SPOILERS in this roughly 80-minute Super Mario Odyssey extravaganza.

    Be sure to come back for our next episode, when we do a retrospective on the SNES/Genesis classic: Zombies Ate My Neighbors.



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