JungleDrums: Episode 19 – Io Interactive, Anthem, Sound Blaster, and more!

    JungleDrums host, AcuteJungle66, joined by fellow hosts, SergeantJay and Gimboid, dive into this weeks gaming/tech news!


    This Week on JungleDrums:


    • Controversy surrounded the release of the Friday the 13th game with some serious server issues on both PC and console, but the developers are saying ‘sorry’ with a new update and free stuff for everyone who purchased the game. Though there are many fans of the gory game of hide-and-go-seek, enough problems remain for the developers to offer a token to those who were disappointed with the release. The free update comes with a new model for Jason, extra outfits, 13,000 customization points to all players, and more.


    • Creative Labs’ Sound BlasterX AE-5 finally unveils an all new sound card for PC gamers. This is the first discrete product made by the company in over 5 years, dedicated to the audio needs of the PC gaming community.


    • Destiny 2 is scheduled to hit PC platforms in October. Though it’s release is more than one month after consoles’, early demos showcased at E3 appear to show the PC version operating with far superior graphics compared to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, with an unlocked framerate and true 4k resolution.


    • After stealing the show for a good portion of E3, EA vice president Patrick Soderlund said Bioware’s new IP Anthem will be the start of “a 10-year journey for us.” Already being compared to similar open world shooters like DestinyAnthem will have a lot to compete against upon release.


    • PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds received a release window for Xbox One consoles for sometime in 2018, but the battle royale style game will release through Xbox Early Access later this year. Being announced as an Xbox exclusive this year at E3 has been an exciting time for PUBG fans and their developer, Bluehole Inc.




    JungleDrums is a weekly news show run by one of Scholarly Gamers’ dedicated streamers, AcuteJungle66. Topics discussed in the show focus heavily on gaming, highlights, streams and tech, but will typically hover around hot-button topics of the week. Joining AcuteJungle66 are a rotating selection of guests, ranging from friends of his interested in the topic at hand, fellow Scholarly Gamers, or members of raiding parties from gaming staples of his such as The Division or Rainbow Six Siege.


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