Error Machine Podcast 106 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    For the first time in over a year (probably), Erik Snedeger returns to the Error Machine Podcast to help the rest of us heap loads and loads of praise upon The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We don’t spoil anything, but still manage to talk about a lot of different aspects of the game, including experiences that no one else among our group has encountered.

    As someone who has never been a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda games – especially not the 3D Zelda games – I took a chance on this game. I was already committed to buying a Switch, so I might as well buy a game with it, right? What I ended up coming away with was one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences of my life.

    Half of the Error Machine members had already finished the game by the time this podcast was released, and they lamented at the fact that they now felt like no matter what new game they moved on to, the heart would linger for Breath of the Wild. Having now caught up to them, I can finally express those feelings as well. The experience for me was so great that, despite having only tedious tasks to take care of before taking on the final stages, I found myself somewhat saddened by the fact that this amazing journey came to an end.

    We also get into a discussion about where the game started, if the wait for BotW was worth it, and other interesting design and gameplay ideas that were almost implemented into the game. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so as not to miss out on future episodes, and be sure to peruse our extensive backlog of podcasts!

    Editor’s Note: This podcast, featured through Scholarly Gamers, features a member of our staff, Dustin Thomas. Keep visiting for more content that places an analytical focus on all things gaming.

    Dustin Thomas
    Dustin loves Jesus. He's also a youth pastor, podcaster, YouTuber, former professional wrestler, and the utmost authority on The Simpsons seasons 3-10. Dustin and his wife Heather live in the Cincinnati area, where they root for many losing sports teams.


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