Scholarly Gamers Streaming

For those among you interested in what Scholarly Gamers’ Streamers have to play, be sure to check in here regularly for a living-list of who’s online and streaming. For a living list of Streamers, check out our directory here. Also note that we have the Scholarly Gamers Twitch Community page for some great gaming, and a Mixer Team page where a handful of our Streamers have taken up home as well.


What does streaming mean to Scholarly Gamers?

Scholarly Gamers is, first and foremost, a community that we’ve been building. Whether it’s conversations held in Discord, articles shared through the website and over social media, or our Streamers interacting with gaming enthusiasts directly – we’re after building a connection with you, a fellow gamer. We have more Streamers on staff than in any other position, and they all love to share what’s captured their minds in the day-by-day or during regularly-scheduled blocks of time. Some will take a deeper, intellectual dive into the subject matter while others fill their veins with the adrenaline and intensity of what’s on-hand; there’s a little bit for everyone under the Scholarly Gamers banner.


What does Scholarly Gamers mean to our Streamers?

As noted above, Scholarly Gamers is all about building a community that fosters a communal passion for gaming and sharing our unique perspectives on the worldwide pastime. Amongst ourselves, however, we understand that each Streamer stands both as one spoke in the wheel and yet remains an island unto themselves. We share tips and strategies for engaging audiences, work with each other to avoid scheduling conflicts where possible, and build upon each other’s efforts to progress towards greater reach and nice-to-haves like Twitch’s recent Affiliate program. The help goes both ways, and on works on both sides (front and back-end) of the streams to make sure that everyone succeeds and has a great time doing it. Streamers will dive in and moderate / participate in each others’ events when they’re not online themselves, and more than a few conversations have been had about industry-leading tech like OBS, XSplit, music licensing, social promotion, and more. We work together, and we play together.


Where do contributions go?

At the time of this writing, all tips / cheers / bits / etc. donated to a streamer goes right to them and will support their individuals goals. Many are on the road to upgrading components, buying new equipment / software / games, or even using the funds to offer up some game giveaways. Whenever there’s a goal in the works, it’ll be pretty apparent. From time to time, however, Scholarly Gamers will operate as a collective group to raise funds for a charitable reason close to heart. These events are usually spearheaded by the streamer ‘closest’ to the issue (involved with the charity, friends of an affected family, etc.) with the rest of the Scholarly Gamers team following suit to support them.