Ghost Recon Breakpoint Post-Launch Plan and New Trailer

    On the weekend we had the opportunity to get hands-on with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Closed Beta and it did not disappoint. We’ll have our first impressions of Breakpoint from the beta for you later this week, but for now we wanted to share some exciting news from Ubisoft: the Post-Launch plan for the Ghosts in Auroa.

    Much like with Wildlands, and most of the games that they have been releasing in the past several years, Ubisoft has a multi-year plan for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. I’m a huge fan of this formula as it really promotes longevity in a games’ player-base and overall ecosystem. In a day and age where we have new games releasing almost every single week, it’s genuinely nice to know from the get-go that a developer has a plan for sustained content to support a title, rather than just moving onto the next game in the franchise.

    For Breakpoint, the Year 1 Post-Launch starts immediately at launch on October 4 with ‘Operation Greenstone’, which will be followed up by Episode 2 and 3, coming every 4 months. After losing contact with the USS Seay off of the Auroa Archipelago, the CIA decide to send in four teams of Ghosts under ‘Operation Greenstone’, fearing that military Skell Tech has fallen into the wrong hands. We get to see first-hand the tragic aftermath of the failed deployment, as the helicopters are systematically taken out by a drone swarm at the onset of the Closed Beta.

    As was revealed at E3 this year, those “wrong hands” are the Wolves, led by former Ghost Cole D. Walker, who is played by actor Joe Bernthal. You can lear4n more about Walker’s past and what led him to becoming the leader of the Wolves in the new live-action trailer released this past week.

    Each Episode contains a wealth of new content, including new single players missions, End-Game Raids — a first for the Ghost Recon series — as well as PvP Updates and more. You can check out the detailed list of Episode content below:

    • New Adventures: New story-driven content that expands the main story of the game will be available with each episode.
    • New End-Game Content: Every Episode will bring new End-Game content. Episode 1 brings the ‘Project Titan Raid’. Players will explore an active volcano on a new island in the Auroa archipelago where they need to use all the skills learned on Auroa in intense four-play co-op challenges. The Raid is replayable and adaptable for all play styles.
    • New Faction Missions: Factions in the game will evolve over time and every month, new narrative Story Faction Missions will be released, bringing context as well as character development. New Faction Missions will be available daily and will provide objectives to support the factions and their narrative arcs.
    • New Classes: Three new classes will be introduced in Year 1, starting with the Engineer which brings an expertise in hacking.
    • Live Events: These events will feature VIPs that will help Nomad tackle new, terrible threats.  A new Event will be available with each Year 1 Episode and last for one month.  
    • PvP Updates: In addition to the three new classes coming Year 1, which will be fully playable in PvP, new maps and updates will keep Ghost War players on their toes.  
    • Regular New Content: New content such as new missions, activities and unlockables will be available with each new episode.

    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be available October 4 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC, as well as on the Google Stadia after its launch in November 2019. Fans who purchase the Gold, Ultimate or Collector’s Editions will have access to the game up to three days early.

    Matt Ferguson
    Matt Ferguson holds a Master of Arts in Foreign Policy from Carleton University, and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in History & Classics from Trent University. In his short time being involved professionally in the video game industry he has managed live streaming events at bars, ran competitive tournaments in Canada, worked with G4, and started his own Twitch Community. He also spends far too much time cuddling his cats.


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