Automachef Coming in July, Demo Out Now

    Early in May, we brought you the news that Team 17 was partnering with Hermes Interactive to bring Automachef, a culinary puzzler that lets you program automated kitchens to send out delicious dishes to hungry crowds.

    Now we finally know when we will be able to get our hands on what looks like my new addiction. Automachef will arrive on PC and Nintendo Switch on July 23rd. As if that’s not enough to gorge ourselves on, as of today we can finally get our hands on the intricate programmable kitchens via a free demo on Steam!

    As per a press release provided by publisher Team 17, players can finally “try their hand at masterminding their own intricate, automated kitchens” in a new demo which “offers a taste of 2 tutorial levels and 3 campaign levels”.

    When we first dropped the news of Automachef‘s announcement back in May, my ears immediately perked up at the possibilities presented by this game. Looking like a blend of Overcooked and Infinifactory, Automachef looks like the perfect puzzle game because it seems to be less about solving puzzles and more about solving problems. Puzzles typically only have one solution, while problems can have many. Each person approaches a problem differently and their solution will look different from the next person. Games like Automachef force you to build logical skills that are tough to replicate in puzzle games where you HAVE TO solve it a particular way.

    Automachef promises three game modes letting players “take on the campaign levels, build a business in Contracts Mode or play untethered in Test Site Mode”. You can follow the developer’s blog here.

    Automachef looks to bring its unique sense of humor and brain-stumping challenges to the PC and Nintendo Switch on July 23rd.

    Michael Wahba
    Michael Wahba has lived in Calgary, AB his whole life where he graduated in Biology from the University of Calgary. Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, He is a firm advocate for the ability of video games to tell stories that no other medium can.


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