Destroy All Humans! Remake Announced

    The 2005 cult classic Destroy All Humans! is making a comeback in a big way. According to listings on Amazon and thanks to some quick reporting by IGN, we can expect Crypto and his anal-probing, cow-abducting ways to appear on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2020, although that date is subject to change.

    According IGN, this is expected to be an “exact remake of the cult classic”. Destroy All Humans! did well enough to warrant itself a few sequels but developer Pandemic, also responsible for the Mercenaries and Star Wars: Battlefront games, folded shortly after coming under the EA banner in 2007.

    Players can expect the same idyllic 1950’s setting with plenty of jokes aimed at the white picket-fence Americana of the time. Although no gameplay is shown in the reveal trailer, players can expect plenty of earthlings to terrorize, buildings to destroy and cows to probe.

    Destroy All Humans! was beloved for its wacky sense of humor and for not taking itself too seriously. Remakes of older titles are all the rage right now, and have been met with mixed feelings, but Destroy All Humans! stands out as a cult classic that many gamers feel never got the respect it deserved.

    Players hungry for more Crypto-madness got what they wanted in 2006 when Destroy All Humans! 2 was released, but two lackluster sequels later and a folding development studio meant that we thought we had seen the last of Crypto. Hopefully, if the remake performs well we can get another chance to destroy all humans!

    Possibly for good this time.

    Michael Wahba
    Michael Wahba has lived in Calgary, AB his whole life where he graduated in Biology from the University of Calgary. Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, He is a firm advocate for the ability of video games to tell stories that no other medium can.


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