SOEDESCO Provides Update on Development of Truck Driver

    Since Truck Driver was announced on June 26, 2018, players have been anxiously awaiting more news on the game, a trucking simulator developed by Triangle Studios and published by SOEDESCO. After going through several closed betas – during which players provided feedback to the developer – both Triangle Studios and SOEDESCO have been relatively quiet, working on the game and incorporating the feedback received from those who tried it out.

    Today, SOEDESCO published a YouTube video in which Remco de Rooij, founder and CEO of Triangle Studios provides an update on the game’s development and next steps.

    In the video, de Rooij explains that Triangle Studios has taken in all of the feedback from the closed betas and has been hard at work improving the game, including:

    • Completely redesigning the world & map to have more variety in the types of buildings and areas players will encounter;
    • Overhauling the garage menu system to make it more intuitive; and
    • Adding more detail to the look, sound, and feel of the trucks

    De Rooij describes the game as being in the “final stages of development”, however he also indicates that there is still “a while to go”, and that players will have to wait a little longer for a release date to be announced.

    Truck Driver is likely most highly anticipated by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, many of who were excited by the announcement of a trucking simulator that will be available on consoles. The game appears to be in a similar style to Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2), an extremely popular game by developer SCS Software that has enjoyed a long life thanks to continued support by SCS and community-created mods.

    ETS2 is only available on PC, as is SCS Software’s other hit trucking sim, American Truck Simulator. Therefore a competent trucking simulator on consoles could do very well, as it would effectively have the market cornered on this relaxing, yet often addicting, style of game. Many players enjoy hitting the open road, as well as upgrading and customizing their trucks.

    SOEDESCO has previously shown that it is assisting Triangle Studios with working on steering wheel support for Truck Driver, which is an absolute must-have for a game of this nature. Many simulation fans prefer as close to the real thing as they can get, so ensuring that major steering wheels are supported for use in the game will go a long way to securing its success.

    Given that today’s video was titled “Development Update #1” it’s probably safe to say that we’ll be getting more updates in the future. Stay tuned for more news on Truck Driver as the game continues to drive towards release!

    Reuben Joosse
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