Farming Simulator 19’s Equipment List: Weeks 1 & 2

    You may have already seen our coverage of week 1 and week 2 of GIANTS Software’s “Fact Sheet Fridays” and developer blogs (on improved farm creation and the upgraded mission system) for Farming Simulator 19. A lesser known (and relatively un-advertised) source of insight into the game’s equipment roster is the Farming Simulator website, where each Friday GIANTS adds new equipment to the list, along with some basic details. This information isn’t as in-depth as that provided by the Fact Sheets, however it still provides a look at some of the equipment in the game that often hasn’t been shown anywhere else.

    Leading up to Farming Simulator 19‘s November 20 release date, Scholarly Gamers will be providing regular updates on the equipment that has been posted to the GIANTS website. While some of the equipment posted isn’t “new” (it may have been previously shown in either trailers, gameplay demos, or fact sheets), these postings do often provide some previously unknown details on the equipment. As we get closer to the release date, the likelihood of seeing previously unannounced equipment will increase.

    All equipment will be sorted below by brand in alphabetical order. Some highlights and analysis are provided for new or particularly interesting equipment underneath the relevant sections.



    The Agrisem Cultiplow Platinum 8M is listed as a “subsoiler”, which likely means that it will provide the same results as a regular plow.


    The Bednar Terraland TO 6000 HM is categorized as a cultivator, however Bednar’s website refers to it as a chisel plow – this means that the Terraland TO 6000 HM may provide the plowing bonus. At 6.0 metres (almost 20 feet) wide, this is a relatively medium-width cultivator, however if it provides a plowing bonus as well then it may serve as an excellent two-in-one tool. It may even be a three-in-one, since its capacity of 3000L likely means that it can be filled with fertilizer as well, effectively plowing, cultivating, and fertilizing all in one pass. However, with a required power of 500HP, it’s going to take a serious tractor to get the job done!


    The Bredal K165 has been a staple in previous Farming Simulator games as one of the larger solid fertilizer spreaders in the game. It returns to Farming Simulator 19, boasting a 12.0 metre (nearly 40 feet) spreading width and large capacity of 16,000 L.


    The Capello Quasar HS16 – a corn header for combines – will likely be the largest option available for those looking to harvest corn for grain. It’s 12.0 m (40 feet) wide, and can likely be used on several of the combines in the game.

    Case IH

    Two Case IH tractors have been seen already, and a few details on them are provided on the website. The Optum CVX will range from 288-313HP, making it a nice mid-range tractor for moderately large implements. The Quadtrac is well known across the farming industry as one of the most powerful tractors available, and it returns with its range of 525-692HP – sure to make light of even the heaviest loads.


    The Einböck Aerostar-Rotation 1200 returns to the game (first introduced in Farming Simulator 17) – with a 12.0 metre (40 foot) width and a mild 95 HP power requirement, it will only take a small tractor to do a lot of weeding!

    Elmer’s Manufacturing

    The Elmer’s Manufacturing HaulMaster was previously shown in a fact sheet, but its model and general information was uploaded to the website as well.


    Two Fendt tractors have been posted on the website so far, with one having been introduced in Farming Simulator 17 (the Fendt 700 Vario) and the other having been featured in a fact sheet (the Fendt 1100MT). The 700 Vario ranges from 165-240 HP and will be useful in medium-intensity applications, while the 1100MT boasts a powerful 492-646 HP, rivaling the almighty Case IH Quadtrac.



    The Flexi-Coil ST820 returns from Farming Simulator 17‘s Big Bud DLC, and will likely be the largest cultivator available in the game at 24.0 metres (almost 79 feet).


    The Fliegl DPW 210 was shown in the Gamescom trailer, and appears to have some automatic pieces that will move to keep your bales in place. The website posting doesn’t show much additional information, unfortunately.


    The Grégoire-Besson SPSL 9 plow was part of Farming Simulator 17‘s Big Bud DLC, and will likely be the largest “true” plow available in Farming Simulator 19 (other subsoilers may be wider) at 10.5 metres (34 feet).


    Grimme’s Varitron 470 Platinum Terra Trac was shown in the second “Fact Sheet Friday”, but the other equipment from the manufacturer had not yet been shown. The company returns with a number of potato seeders and harvesters, providing options for both large and small operations.


    The Hardi Rubicon 9000 was shown in the first week of Fact Sheet Fridays, and will likely be one of, if not the largest sprayer in the game.


    This seeder and air cart return from the Big Bud DLC and are an excellent option for farmers looking for a large seeder without breaking the bank (e.g., with the Väderstad Seed Hawk equipment, shown later in the article).

    John Deere

    Likely the most highly sought-after information is the John Deere equipment that will be in the game. While this entry is sure to grow in the coming weeks, currently it shows the John Deere 8R Series (which has been a focal point of materials released to date), the T560 combine (shown in the Gamescom trailer) and its headers, and a weight. The T560 will be a nice mid-level combine, sporting a grain tank capacity of 10,000 L and headers 7.6 metres (25 feet) wide (for all grains except corn and sunflowers) and 6.0 metres (20 feet) for corn and sunflowers. For reference, the starting combine in Farming Simulator 17 – the Case IH 1660 Axial-Flow – had a capacity of 6340 L and used a 4.3 metre (15 foot) header.


    The Joskin Trans-Space 8000 returns to the game – I used this tipper quite a lot in Farming Simulator 17, so I’m happy to see it back again.

    garante Kotte

    The Kotte FRC says that it requires 50 HP to pull and operate, and holds 55,000 L of slurry (as previously seen on the fact sheet).


    Kröger’s Agroliner trailers have been very popular in past versions of the game, so it’s nice to see that they’re back again. Players can choose between fixed axle (TKD 302) and front steering axle (HKD 302) options to suit their needs.


    Kuhn is returning to Farming Simulator once again, and GIANTS has posted a sprayer and holding tank to the website so far. This likely won’t be all we see from Kuhn in the game; I’m sure that we will see more equipment posted in the next few weeks. The PF 1500 can be used to expand the amount of fertilizer or herbicide being carried so that you don’t have to refill the Deltis 1302 as frequently. With a width of 21.0 metres (nearly 70 feet), the Deltis 1302 will provide excellent coverage of fertilizer or herbicide in just a few passes. If you want to go even larger, the Metris 4102 has a boom width of 36.0 metres (118 feet) and capacity of 4380 litres.


    When the Lizard Roadrunner was briefly shown in the Gamescom trailer, many fans began to speculate whether GIANTS had secured a deal with a real-life American truck manufacturer. However, it is now confirmed that the truck is indeed branded with GIANTS’ own “Lizard” brand, which they use to expand the game’s roster with equipment and vehicles that don’t have a real-life counterpart. The Roadrunner boasts 620 HP, which is a fair bit more than Farming Simulator 17‘s TX 415 Barrelcore, which had 535 HP. The Roadrunner should have no trouble pulling large loads with that kind of power! The pickup truck appears relatively small, though it does have 200 HP – the same power as the larger of the two pickup trucks in Farming Simulator 17.


    Manitou is back with its telehandler, a must-have if you plan on moving a lot of bales around or stacking them high.

    Massey Ferguson

    It’s no surprise to see the MF 7700 back in the game, and I’m sure we’ll see more Massey Ferguson tractors posted in the coming weeks.

    New Holland

    New Holland’s T-series continues to offer a variety of different sizes and styles of tractors for players to use across a multitude of applications. It’s likely safe to assume that the T8 will have a tracked option, but it’s unknown whether the tracked T9 will also be on offer.


    ROPA equipment was added to Farming Simulator 17 as DLC, and it’s good to see the brand return so that there are more options for potato growers. The Keiler 2 is a harvester with a capacity of 10,000 litres – this is more than the large Grimme harvester shown above!


    The Samson equipment shown in the first set of fact sheets was posted as well, with the addition of an extra attachment. The SD 700 looks like it will both cultivate and apply slurry, allowing you to perform two tasks in one pass. With a width of 7.0 metres (23 feet) it isn’t huge, but doing two things at once makes up for its lack of size. If it’s size you’re after, then the SBH4/36 boom will get the job done at 36.0 metres (almost 120 feet)! Both will need to be attached to the Samson PG II 25 slurry tank, which should keep them running for a long time with its large capacity.


    Stara equipment was featured in Farming Simulator 17‘s Platinum Edition, and it’s no surprise to see it back since the map from that expansion has been confirmed to be coming in Farming Simulator 19. The Imperador 3.0 is a relatively small self-propelled sprayer, with a boom width of only 27.0 metres (89 feet) – the Hardi Rubicon 9000 is approximately 1.8 times larger than that.



    Väderstad is well-known for its seeding equipment, and two new seeders are coming to Farming Simulator 19. The Tempo V TPV 8 is relatively small at 6.0 metres (20 feet) and a seed capacity of 696 litres, while the Tempo L 16 is pretty large, with a working width of 12.0 metres (nearly 40 feet) and a capacity of 6,560 litres. The FH 2200 can be used to carry an additional 2,200 litres of seed, though it’s unclear if this will be compatible with both seeders or only the smaller of the two.

    Seed Hawk was bought by Väderstad in 2013, and while the equipment looks mostly the same, it has adopted the typical red and yellow colour scheme seen on the company’s other equipment. This seeder and air cart combination was introduced in the Big Bud DLC for Farming Simulator 17, and will likely be the biggest seeder in Farming Simulator 19.


    The Valtra N Series tractors return to the game as well, serving as a good low- to mid-power option.

    Wilson Trailer

    Finally, we got some details on the highly anticipated Wilson Pacesetter. It will hold 60,000 litres, which should allow for transportation of a large amount of grain very quickly when using a truck such as the Lizard Roadrunner to pull it.

    Stay tuned for future updates as more of the equipment roster is revealed!


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