Aragami: Shadow Edition and Nightfall Expansion Released

    Aragami was first released in the fall of 2016 to very positive reception on Steam. Developed by Spain-based Lince Works, the stealth action game has a wide array of inspirations, from Okami, Thief, and Metal Gear Solid. However, if you have missed out on this wonderful game, we have good news for you.

    Aragami: Shadow Edition includes the base game, all currently released multiplayer DLC, and will include the expansion Aragami: Nightfall. Nightfall will introduce a prequel story with new characters, stages, and abilities, while also unifying the online experience of PC and consoles. Most importantly, the game will now be available on Xbox One, so if you only have that console, you no longer have to miss out. While Xbox One and Playstation 4 users cannot connect to each other, PC users will be able to connect to both.

    Aragami Nightfall

    The Nightfall story expansion focuses on two characters who appeared in visions from the main game. Despite not being undead like the titular character, the characters are shown using shadow powers that are similar, but not identical to Aragami’s. Using shadows for cover and projectile weapons return, but new super natural elements like summoning a shadow tiger will rejuvenate game play for returning players. Day time stages are shown in the trailer, a departure from the main story which takes place in a single night. The expansion aims to fill in some loose ends from the original, and will lead directly into the main game. While it only spans four chapters in comparison to the original games thirteen, it is sure to have high replayability between its co-op focus, and the overall structure requiring you to perform pacifist, no detection, and kill all enemies runs on the levels.

    Aragami: Shadow Edition and Aragami: Nightfall both release for PC, OSX, PS4, and Xbox One on June 5th, 2018. The Shadow Edition and the Nightfall expansion are digital-only, and will retail for $24.99 USD / $32.99 CAD and $9.99 USD  /$12.99 CAD, respectively.

    Gunnar Burden
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