Farming Simulator 17 ‘Modern Classics’ DLC Released

    Giants Software gave players of Farming Simulator 17 a nice surprise this morning – a surprise in the form of the release of a new Downloadable Content (DLC) pack. The Modern Classics DLC was released around 11am Central European Time (5am EDT) and is available for purchase by PC players only for $4.99USD. It should be noted that while the DLC will not be available for purchase on Steam, it is compatible with the Steam version of the game. It is also currently uncertain whether the DLC will also be released for PS4 and Xbox One. The reason for this uncertainty is that the Modern Classics DLC is player (modder)-created, and it is ultimately up to the creator to decide whether he wants to go through the  additional modifications, testing, and quality assurance processes required to release the DLC on consoles.

    In June 2017, Giants held a Mod Contest in which the winners would be awarded the opportunity to turn their mod content into a proposal for a full-fledged DLC pack for Farming Simulator 17. After the dust settled, two proposals were considered – Mattxjs‘s Modern Classics and Team FSI Modding‘s Grimme Pack. Both were accepted for development as DLC content, and Modern Classics pack is the first to be released. Work on Team FSI Modding’s Grimme Pack is still ongoing.

    Once his proposal was accepted, Mattxjs was tasked with creating the DLC – all by himself. This is an impressive undertaking for a one-person modding ‘team’, and he estimates it took between 1,300 and 1,500 hours to develop the content. That works out to the approximate equivalent of 38 weeks of full-time work – an incredible feat! Mattxjs deserves a pat on the back from the entire Farming Simulator community for his efforts.

    The Modern Classics content pack contains 11 vehicles and pieces of equipment, all representing common machinery seen on farms throughout the 1990s. Players may enjoy the addition of some pieces of equipment that they may have grown up using (or seeing other farmers use). The addition of new content will also help to keep the game fresh for players waiting for more news on Farming Simulator 19, which is due to be released in Fall 2018.

    Reuben Joosse
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