State of Decay 2 Gameplay Launch Trailer Breakdown

    The Gameplay Launch Trailer for Undead Labs’ State of Decay 2 has landed, showcasing some core elements of how your day-to-day survival plays out in the post-apocalyptic landscape that’s been crafted for your adventuring.


    Early snippets from the trailer show the return of stealth mechanics and kills (takedowns), base-building, and defensive setups presented (at first) with hand-placed landmines.

    One of the characters continues to talk about how when “you add value, you have something to trade”, which indicates likely return of the Influence system, the universal currency present in the first State of Decay title. Influence was awarded through carrying out tasks, missions, and favours for NPCs, in addition to being earned when selling loot to vendors in the various bases.

    State of Decay Multiplayer Formation

    Highlighted next is a group of three players (possibly all human-controlled?) moving in formation towards a restaurant filled with zombies, evidently on a mission to rescue someone from the clawing attacks of the undead surrounding them. After quickly dispatching the enemies, the next clip shows the survivor being injected with some drug and a voiceover say “you have to be tough enough to know when to give, and when to take away”. As the latter half of the sentence plays out, we see another survivor ‘turn’ (zombify), only to be summarily executed point-blank. This, too, shows a return of a system from the first State of Decay, where members of your base (or community) could find themselves sickening to the point that an option presents itself: save them (through expending some highly valuable medicine) or escort them someplace safe (away from the base) to be put down as the illness becomes terminal.

    State of Decay Weapons Expert

    The last series of mechanics touched on by the trailer speak loosely to the class system and skills that the varying cast members can have. One character says “If you didn’t have a weapons expert before … you do now”, only to be answered with “looks like we found our warrior”, and “I guess we all have our strengths”. Those familiar with the first State of Decay will recall that most of the characters to join your community are playable at one point or another, and each come with their own strengths and skills that can be trained through use and adventure in the wilds.

    The final secret shared with the viewers is simple: aim for the head.


    State of Decay 2 Trailer Roundup

    • Power-generating windmills are seen spinning; we might be able to hope for some semblance of a power grid.
    • Vehicles certainly play an integral part to exploration.
    • Stealth is possible, with a number of different melee kills / executions available.
    • Bases can be built and upgraded to host various configurations of amenities within the same shared spaces (ie: interchangeable placement, seemingly)
    • There is a focus on making your base defensible.
    • Characters are seen with clipboards counting inventory fuel reserves and food production, hinting at continued use of staple resources (Ammo, Fuel, Food, Construction Materials, Medicine)
    • Characters meet up in the wilderness to trade-off an overstuffed backpack, indicating the return of radial missions similar to the first title.
    • A character is seen in full military fatigues receiving supplies; how crippled is the military presence?
    • Three characters are moving in formation together, which would indicate that they’ve either increased the NPC / AI companion limit (was previously one companion, after select missions) or, more likely, this is simply demonstrating three (of up to four) human players playing together in coop.
    • Survivors within your community can still fall ill to the point where medicine or ammunition is expended to solve a problem.
    • Characters continue to have specializations and talents to progress and train.
    •  Firearms include varying shotguns, assault rifles, bolt-action hunting (sniper?) rifles, at least one SMG (the Vector, a longtime favourite of mine), a grenade launcher, pistols, and more.
    • Players may still melee-kill with style as demonstrated with a handful of different weapon types.
    • Players should at a minimum expect to encounter both traditional zombies (on their own or shambling about in hordes), and several of the Freaks from the first State of Decay (Juggernaut, Screamer, Feral, and Bloater).
    • You may still hold your car door open for extra kills(!).


    State of Decay 2 launches on Xbox One and Windows 10 on May 22, 2018. Players can gain access to the game four days early with the purchase of the Ultimate Edition, and both editions of the game are included in the Xbox Play Anywhere program. It will also be available on launch day through Game Pass.

    The game also boasts of Xbox One X Enhancement, claiming to render in 4K HDR10.

    Markus Piil
    A staunch supporter of the technical arts, Markus has been working as a software developer for two startup tech companies in Western Canada. Gaming aside, he likes adventuring in the mountains, camping with the wife, and playing metal tunes on the guitar.


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