Accolades Trailer Released for Tekken 7

    Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has released a new trailer to celebrate the positive reception of Tekken 7. Since its launch on the June 2, the game has positioned itself as one of the best chapters from the Tekken saga and confirmed its leading position in the fighting genre. Hoerdt Herve, Marketing & Digital VP of Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, released this statement on the title’s launch:

    “We are very pleased to see the warm welcome of Tekken 7 from millions of players and the intense battles that are happening at this very moment throughout the world. After so many years, Tekken keeps demonstrating its leading presence amongst the fighting games thanks to a deep but flexible and balanced gameplay that allows both casual and pro players to have fun at all levels. This is now your turn to settle old scores and show your friends who will be the king of the Iron Fist. After all, all fights are personal!”



    The accolades trailer shows off every aspect that has made this latest game in the series so successful. The enticing graphics, the intense moves, the engaging story, and the impressive roster of new and old characters. The Tekken series has been a staple of many gamers’ lives over the years and Tekken 7 has proven that the series has not lost a step since its debut back in 1994. The continued evolution of the Tekken franchise and the fighting game genre is a reminder of how impressive the gaming industry is and how it continues to bring us long-running franchises like Tekken to entertain ourselves with.

    Tekken 7 is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

    Graham Day
    Graham is an Irish journalist and he loves video games. He remembers his first gaming experience at the tender age of seven where he played a horribly pixelated football game. Now he lives in the age of the blockbuster AAA titles and he's loving every minute of it.


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