SNES Classic Confirmed: Excitement Level Hype

    Move over NES Classic, the SNES Classic has been finally confirmed. Much like its predecessor, the SNES Classic will be a limited release product — meaning most will be searching high and low in order to grab the console. Releasing September 29, 2017, the console will be out just in time for the holiday season, and will stop being shipped to stores at the end of 2017’s calendar year. In response to stock issues with the NES Classic, Nintendo has promised to produce more units this time around.

    The line-up is solid, albeit missing a couple of masterpieces I would like to have seen. It features some surprise cult-classics, like Earthbound and Secret of Mana, as well as heavy-hitters such as Final Fantasy III (or VI if you prefer) and Super Punch-Out!!. Probably the most notable inclusion is the previously unreleased Star Fox 2, although you need to beat the first level of Star Fox in order to unlock it. Nintendo states in their press release: “Even for super fans who have played all of these games multiple times, the inclusion of the never-before-released Star Fox 2 game will offer them something entirely new to enjoy – if they can unlock it by proving their skills in the original Star Fox game. (Well, they only have to complete the first level – we didn’t want to make it too hard!)”

    The console comes with an HDMI cable, charging cable, and two controllers. Unlike the 3 ft cord on the controllers of the NES Classic, the SNES will rock a 5 ft controller cord.

    The full line-up includes:

    • Contra III: The Alien Wars
    • Donkey Kong Country
    • EarthBound
    • Final Fantasy III
    • F-ZERO
    • Kirby Super Star
    • Kirby’s Dream Course
    • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    • Mega Man X
    • Secret of Mana
    • Star Fox
    • Star Fox 2
    • Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
    • Super Castlevania IV
    • Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts
    • Super Mario Kart
    • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
    • Super Mario World
    • Super Metroid
    • Super Punch-Out!!
    • Yoshi’s Island


    Josh Crete
    Gamer, Ninja Warrior, Traceur, and Father of two. Video Game passion ignited thanks to the 1995 SNES classic "Chrono Trigger". Still an avid gamer, playing mostly RPGS, however likes to dip into other genre's from time to time.


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