Error Machine Podcast 119 – An Angelic Christopher Lloyd

    Zombies Ate My Neighbors is one of the all-time classic co-op games and easily one of my favorite games of the days of yore. Even though it does have a “sequel” in Ghoul Patrol and a spiritual successor in the Herc’s Adventure, people like myself would have loved nothing more than a straight up Zombies Ate My Neighbors 2. Well, now we have it in the form of ZAMN: The Sequel, a fan made patch/sequel that can actually be played on devices like the Retron5 using the original cartridge.

    I would write more about ZAMN, but we decided on this episode of the podcast that we’re going to do a retrospective on the series for Halloween, so I’ll hold off on it until then.

    But when we’re not talking about ZAMN, we’re discussing other important pieces of business, like the Charlie Sheen magnum opus known as The Wraith. You ever heard of it? Probably not, and neither had I until my co-host decided to tell me all about it, as well as forcing me to use one of its terrible music tracks as the ending music of this episode.

    As far as games go, we touch briefly on games like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Destiny, and Everybody’s Golf. We also discuss old baseball movies, so there’s that. You can find the links to the episode below.

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    Dustin Thomas
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