Error Machine Podcast 114 – Breaking Down the SNES Classic

    In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you missed a rather large announcement from Nintendo. The future bane of all retail employees existence will be releasing this September in the form of the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. It comes complete with 21 of the most essential games in the library of what many consider to be the greatest console of all-time. While the console does not come with all of the classics that some may have considered essential for the console, such as the epic JRPG Chrono Trigger, the offering is assuredly more than enough to please many fans.

    In this episode of the podcast, after we talk a little bit about Horizon Zero Dawn and milkshakes that have cupcakes inside of them (seriously why are those everywhere now?), we breakdown the SNES Classic Edition game by game. We cover all 21, dedicating time to each and sharing any personal stories. We also get into what games we would have liked to have seen included, and which ones we could have done without.

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    I know that I’m hoping to snag one at launch without paying 5 times the price. I have an NES Classic and haven’t even opened it because I already own all 30 of those games, but the SNES Classic is a little bit different. While I do own a great majority of the games, the inclusion of a few of the more expensive titles like Final Fantasy III/VI and Earthbound, as well as the previously unreleased (by Nintendo, at least) Star Fox 2, means that this will be definitely opened and played.

    How about you? Are you hoping to get one? Which games are you planning to play first?

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    Dustin Thomas
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