Xbox E3 2017 Briefing Liveblog

    Welcome to the Scholarly Gamers liveblog coverage for Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2017 press conference. This is our first time running a liveblog through the site; apologies for any bumpiness that comes up along the way. This should be a live-updating page, but if there are more than 1-2 minutes without updates, try refreshing the page or jumping into our Discord channel (link on the right) to report any issues. Thanks for joining!


    Event starts at 5:00PM EST (2:00PM PST), and is being broadcast through their Mixer Channel live (in 4K resolution, for those of you able to view it as such). For those looking to watch the conference:




    Additional entries to the liveblog will appear below the Author box – scroll down and everything should roll in automatically!




    Markus Piil
    A staunch supporter of the technical arts, Markus has been working as a software developer for two startup tech companies in Western Canada. Gaming aside, he likes adventuring in the mountains, camping with the wife, and playing metal tunes on the guitar.


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    1. was evidently not prepared for this.

      Multiple APIs are down, and chat connectivity is sporadic. Subsequently they are extending the ‘giveaways’ for the entire week. As many can’t actually connect to the chat of the stream currently 🙁

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