About Scholarly Gamers

With Scholarly Gamers, our team hopes to deliver a reporting platform above and beyond the standard set forth by loads of other media sources. This isn’t the site to visit for top-ten lists or clickbait articles spread out over five pages chock-full of advertising. We look to bring about critical thought and examination to a number of themes, technologies, implications, and more when it comes to the games that we share a passion for. We plan to achieve this through engaging with the community on themes which are important to gamers, through a multimedia approach including journal articles, live streams, and recorded videos.

Thinking of it like a Gaming University, where the discourse can range from structured papers to loose discussions in the quad, we will explore video games through academic disciplines including political science, history, cultural studies, and computer science, with a focus on analytical arguments that will attempt to advance overarching discussions in gaming communities. That all said, however, we will not lose focus on what’s driven millions of us into the hobby – games, simply put, are fun.



Our community grows with each day, but there are some solid ways to see what Scholarly Gamers is up to as a collective:

  • Twitter: Our hashtag, #ScholarlyGamers will direct you to the content that our contributors and streamers are up to
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  • Youtube: Our contributors are hard at working bringing new video content every week; check out our channel to catch latest hits such as #JungleDrums, Armchair Gaming, Proof of Console, and more



Scholarly Gamers is growing every week. We have thirty members of our community ‘on staff’ with 20 content contributors and 22 dedicated streamers, though some of us work with both (and more, such as podcasts). If you need to get in touch with any of our management team, please do not hesitate to reach out with any of the options below.


Matt Ferguson
Scholar at Large | October 2016

Email: mattDOTfergusonATscholarlygamersDOTcom
Twitter: @ScholarlyGamer
Twitch: ScholarlyGamer


Markus Piil
Head of IT | October 2016

Email: markusDOTpiilATscholarlygamersDOTcom
Twitter: @MarkusRising
Twitch: MarkusRising


Josh Crete
Public Relations | March 2017

Email: joshDOTcreteATscholarlygamersDOTcom
Twitter: @MrCreteture
Twitch: MrCreteture